Say Goodbye, to CPWOC

Its time to say goodbye to CPWOC, after nearly 2 years and over 300,000 hits, it is time to end. It has been a  really difficult decision for me, buy after today's great party, I felt it was right.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me, it means so much to me. I especially want to thank the following people who have been amazing:

  • 1Candy0
  • Fretv
  • Cena12121
  • Jmann93
  • Slidoo
  • Mariobros980
  • Eric703
  • Josh29
  • Revgreen
  • Distrocktiv7
  • Monchocho
All of the above people have helped me or inspired me so much with my blog, thank you. I would like to make it clear that I am NOT quitting Club Penguin, Twitter etc, I just think that it is right after eveything that has happened for CPWOC to be ended, to allow new projects to thrive. 

Thank you,



  1. Shame, I just came across this site now. Well, since you're still playing on Club Penguin I'd like to say that I'm having a party TODAY plus a free coin code giveaway!

  2. Can't you make just a new blog??

  3. I will miss CPWOC I used to be an author.

  4. I will miss CPWOC, it was a legendary blog